Unique Editions


Unique Editions is a group of five artists– Helen Golden, Bonny Lhotka, Dorothy Simpson Krause, the late Judith Moncrieff and Karin Schminke–who combine their expertise in traditional studio media and techniques with digital imaging to produce original fine art and editions. The artists met in June of 1994, at “Beyond the Digital Print” a workshop organized by Krause at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

UniqueThe artists’ varied backgrounds are evident in their mixed media approach to using the computer as an art-making tool. Although every image is conceived and executed at least in part on the computer, the range of work includes one of a kind paintings, collages, Polaroid and image transfers, monotypes and prints on such varied substrates as canvas, handmade paper and embossed metal. Moncrieff coined the term “tradigital media” to describe this merging of traditional and digital tools and “tradigitalism” as a name for this emerging movement. Unique Editions serves as a research and public relations entity for exploring technologies and promoting digital art. The group has forged links with hardware and software developers in an effort to provide feedback on their products from the artist’s perspective. The groups also demonstrates to the art world the role of digital technologies in the artist’s studio.